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Veteran Cop Backs Tougher Gun Laws After Niece Dies In Castries Drive-By Shooting – St. Lucia Times News

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Veteran police officer Wayne Rameau has backed calls for stricter laws against illegal guns after his niece Fayeshatelle Rameau, a resident of Pavee, Castries, died following a drive-by shooting in the Saint Lucia capital on Sunday.

Police investigating the shooting said the body of 26-year-old Fayeshatelle was in a bullet-riddled car on Marchand Boulevard.

Her brother, Augustus Rameau, was shot dead in September last year.

Augustus was at Choc Cemetery attending the funeral of a homicide victim when a lone gunman shot him, after which he collapsed and died at the scene.

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Regarding the loss of his niece and nephew to gun violence, Officer Rameau asserted that he does not believe the justice system is doing enough to get gun-toting criminals off the streets.

“I believe the penalty for illegal guns should be 15 years to life in prison,” Officer Rameau told St Lucia Times.

“My honest opinion is that any person with an illegal firearm has no good intentions and we can see that is prevalent in our society, in our little country. Right now people are afraid to roam the street. You never know where the next stray bullet will come from because you don’t only have to be mindful of gangs shooting each other, you have to be mindful of the stray bullet as well,” he observed.

The veteran cop said according to the information he received, his deceased niece and others on board a vehicle were ambushed at Chef Harry Drive, Morne Fortune, Castries.

“I think they were coming from some fete at Ciceron. She got multiple shots to the back. When I went to Marchand Boulevard, I saw her in the back seat, face down.”

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Officer Rameau described his deceased niece, Fayeshatelle, as a free-spirited individual.

And he disclosed that the deceased had a pending matter before the court concerning an incident in Castries involving another female.

Fayeshatelle had a daughter aged about seven years.

“We have too many illegal firearms,” Officer Rameau told St Lucia Times.

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