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Peter R De Vries: Third suspect arrested over murder of Dutch crime reporter

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Dutch prosecutors have arrested a third suspect in connection with the murder of well-known crime reporter Peter R de Vries.

Authorities confirmed on Monday that a 27-year-old man had been detained on suspicion of organising the killing and "directing those who carried out the murder".

According to local media, the suspect is already in custody on suspicion of another murder in October.

De Vries was fatally shot almost a year ago in broad daylight in central Amsterdam after leaving a television studio.

He died of his injuries nine days later, prompting a nationwide outpouring of grief and anger.

Two men are currently on trial for the murder -- a 212-year-old Dutch national identified only as Delano G. and a 36-year-old Polish national, Kamil E.

Both men are facing a life sentence if convicted, and judges are due to deliver their verdicts on 14 July. The investigation into de Vries' death is ongoing.

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