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Welcome to WORLD OF, is one of the largest database of news feeds, magazines, blog and newspapers on the Web, with listings for about 35,000 magazines, newspapers and top news sites from all around  the globe. is a complete guide to the magical world of news media sources where all readers can find stories quickly -- whether it's news from Europe, Afica, Asia, South America, Central America or anywhere else, or even a small regional weekly newspaper in Asia.

Over 200 countries are represented at Our blogs,  magazine and newspaper listings are categorized not only by their country of origin, but are also subcategorized by topic - be it art, business, sports, hobbies, spiritual, travel etc…. Basic and advanced search engines can be used to search publications by name, keyword, category or location.

Visitors can read their favorite news sources online or take advantage of our integrated subscription offers, which lets them subscribe to a magazine or a newspaper without ever leaving the site.

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