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Karamanti celebrates International Reggae Day with new single | Loop Jamaica

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‘Mi No Nyam Pork’, the latest single from recording artiste, Karamanti, was published a few days ago on the Natty Dreadlocks Survival Riddim, produced by Jungle Lava Productions.

The record has her rhythmically lamenting about a number of things she does not like – pork being clearly one – while simultaneously expressing delight at having written the song, which has emerged as a standout track on a compilation.

Based on the positive reviews it has been receiving, Karamanti and her team decided to compile and share clips captured in and around Jungle Lava Studio of her performing the tune. The collated visuals, which were filmed by, is now being used as the song’s official video.

Interestingly, also, a decision was made to post the video on July 1 in honour of International Reggae Day.

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 Publicité par Adpathway