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2022 Check-in with Loop: Jus D changes stage name to It’s Jus | Loop Barbados

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Soca lovers can expect to see a rebranded ‘Jus D’ this Crop Over.

The ‘Manager’ singer will now be going by It’s Jus.

It’s Jus told Loop Entertainment that the name change was out of his control. He was forced to make the change after a British rapper trademarked his name, thereby prohibiting him from using Jus D.

“During COVID, I got emails from my distributor flagging some of my music for copyright. It turns out there is another Jus D in the States. Over the years, we have been seeing a little mix-up on the DSPs and the Spotify. I think what happened was they got a distributor deal with a huge label…They ended up trademarking the name Jus D,” he explained.

Despite the legal battles, It’s Jus remains his regular upbeat and positive self. This is also reflected in his Crop Over 2022 release – Better Looking.

The single, written and produced by Jus D Music, dropped on Tuesday, June 21. He shared that it was a personal story, conceptualised after people complimented him for ageing gracefully.

“I’ve heard a lot of people say the older I get, the better I am looking and that just stuck with me so I said ‘Wow, I like this concept’ and when I started to sit down with it, I said ‘I’m looking good, I’m eating good, I have so much to be thankful for’ and just the natural way of life – it just manifested itself,” It’s Jus told Loop Entertainment.

He also added that the song’s congratulatory message can appeal to those persons who are losing weight for the Crop Over season, starting a new job or embarking on a new journey in life.

“It’s not just about looks. It’s about your lifestyle. Whether it be health, your mental state or even your financial state. For me it is about people who are progressing in life and who want to do something better with their life,” he insisted.

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This isn’t It’s Jus only release for the season. The producer also already revealed the Senegalese Riddim with features the likes of Leadpipe, Nikita and more, and listeners can look forward to the Afro Wuk Riddim with Iweb, Coopa Dan and Bougie Riddim with Hypasounds, Mikey and himself in the coming weeks leading up to Grand Kadooment.

He also hinted at plans to enter the People’s Choice Competition but remained tightlipped about his song choice.

The esteemed Barbadian producer shared that he kept busy during the two-year pandemic. In 2020, he released a full-length album comprising 15 tracks, titled The Other Day. The lockdowns resulted in a rise in TikTok Challenges, and his single – Boom Bang – garnered international attention.

Aside from his Crop Over releases, It’s Jus divulged that he has a song with BMW Kenny, the singer of the Wipe It Down Challenge in the works. In the near future, fans can also anticipate music with Busy Signal and Nigerian artiste Orzei.

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